‘Twinkler’ and ‘Gripper’:

An advancement on my ‘Sensor Guitar’, ‘Twinkler’ is a light-controlled midi instrument, also featuring echolocation (sonar). Different light colours change the scale, whilst light density effects pitch, or transposition.’Gripper’ is a sensor-based glove which detects movement and ‘flexing’ of the fingers. This can be mapped to any parameter within a DAW such as Ableton Live, via a custom MaxMSP patch.

Twinkler and Gripper Overview

Twinkler and MaxMSP

Twinkler and Physical Audio ‘Derailer’

Hacked ‘Guitar Hero’ controller.

Most of the original circuitry has been re-routed to an Arduino Mega2560. In addition, I have added several light dependant resistors, echolocation sensors and touch ribbons.


Granular Software Sampler:

Soon to be available for download as a max4live instrument.

Screen Shot 2018-03-26 at 23.30.21.png

Piezo Box:

My first little Arduino powered midi-controller. This one is a simple design with four Piezo mics wired up to an Arduino Nano.